Melody Campbell on The Importance of Systems and Helping Your Tribe Understand Their Greatness

Sales Champion by Scott Lowry Ep. 9 - Melody Campbell on The Importance of Systems and Helping Your Tribe Understand Their Greatness - 5 Listens
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Melody Campbell is the founder of the One Sale a Day Sales System, and has been involved in sales for over 30 years. “I liked instigating change. I could influence people and they would make a decision based on my guidance.”

Quick Sales Tips

  • Smile while you’re on the phone
  • You will close more deals with a follow-up system
  • Don’t talk like a salesperson, talk like a friend or personal shopper
  • Acknowledge that sales is an honorable profession


On Feeling Like a “Poser” (Imposter Syndrome)

You may not know everything about the product you are selling but if you can be honest with your prospect you build huge amounts of respect. You can say “You know what, that’s a good question. I don’t know, but I can find out.”.


On Consistency and Following Up

Consistent posting adds value to you and your business in the eyes of the people who you may like to build strategic partnerships with or potential customers.

There’s a lot of people who would look at your offer for a while before they take the plunge. Every salesperson needs to understand the buyer’s journey, what they’re going through in their own mindset. So when somebody is saying no to you or ignoring your emails it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep promoting your product or service or continue to come up with great ideas or concepts.

The downfall of a lot of people is that they go out there and they get overwhelmed with sales and they don’t get the positive feedback they’re looking for. Then they look for another product to sell. It needs time to germinate. A launch is just to get things going. There are going to be tire kickers that just want to see how things transpire.


On Naysayers

You’re going to go through a process of learning, and you’re going to go through a process of shining. Not everyone is going to like that. Get into the mindset of “I’m a professional, what can I learn from this?” Ask yourself how you can build up other people. Then you’ll have a tribe of people who support your greatness.


On Building a Tribe

When people come up with a product or service, the problem is finding enough people that want it. It is a lot easier when you have a tribe. People will want to be in your presence if you build them up. Take the time to get to know them and understand their pains, and when you do develop a product it’s a solution for that tribe.


If you bring value, you’re going to have an easier exchange; and it starts with helping your tribe understand their own greatness.


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