How to adjust your lifestyle to fit your commitment & goals – with Patrick Dean

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Patrick is the CEO and Founder of Seminar Systems. He’s Trained over 40,000 people around the world and has over 30 years of experience in Transformational Training.

Patrick is committed to an abundant and compassionate world. He believes every individual and corporation has the obligation to make a strong statement of principle, thereby contributing to the welfare of the world community.


Patrick answers Mike’s question: Why do some people achieve great success and others just get by?


  1. Have a desire

Ask yourself, “Am I willing to do this?”

You gotta be hungry to get results, a burning desire.

You get burning desire by connecting what you’re going to do with your purpose.


  1. Don’t let naysayers influence what you do

People who are successful don’t base it on their circumstance, they base it on their own commitment and certainty about what they’re doing.

People who are successful don’t let how other people look at them have a huge influence on what they do.


  1. Put in the hard work

If you don’t want to be tested, don’t make commitments.

People who are successful put in A LOT OF WORK.



Adjusting Your Lifestyle to Your Commitment

Adjust your time and simplify your life so your energy and focus goes towards accomplishment of your goal.

Constantly adjust your lifestyle for the bigger commitments you have.

Communicate with your love ones about the adjustments you’re committing to accomplish your goal, and explain what’s in it for them so they are incentivised to show their support.


  1. Have the persistence, belief, certainty to practice and practice during The Plateau Period


The Plateau

There’s a misconception that as time goes by, results go up.

It’s not a curve, it’s a stairstep. You get great results. Then you go a period of time with no results. Then you get more results, and then another period of no results.

The flat period is called The Plateau.

People who are successful can tolerate The Plateau. People who are not, give up during The Plateau period.

“The difference between success and struggle is the ability to tolerate the plateaus in our life.”

People who are successful have done the personal development work to understand themselves at a very deep level about their motivations, their belief systems, and things that drive them. They are very clear about their limitations, what they’re good at, and they’re very honest with themselves.

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