Ep. 8 – Keith Weedman on Leadership Skills

Sales Champion by Scott Lowry Ep. 8 - Keith Weedman on Leadership Skills - 9 Listens
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Keith Weedman was pursuing a Masters in psychology while working as a leader to transform Indiana’s welfare system. His passion is to affect change in the lives of others. Keith’s company, Level3byDesign, helps unleash potential in organizations through training, coaching and consulting. Their mission is to bring constructive thinking into the world to help leaders become more effective leaders.

On Leaders

  • How people perform is a reflection on their leader.
  • When you, as a leader, become more effective at leading, everyone around you performs at a higher level.
  • Leadership is not simply seeing people for who they already are, it is empowering seeing the possibility of who they are capable of becoming.


On Giving Feedback

  • When you give someone honest feedback, it makes it possible to make every time you give honest feedback, an empowering experience for both the giver (the leader) and receiver.
  • When you come from the intention of being helpful to your people by giving them constructive feedback, it’s possible for constructive feedback to be empowering each time it’s given.


Parting Words from Keith

  • If you are in sales and marketing, and you do not currently have someone who is a personal mentor to you, look for someone who has a lot of knowledge and resourcefulness to mentor you – and then take action.


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