Ben Settle on Emailing Marketing and Price Objections

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Ben Settle is an email marketing genius and host of The Ben Settle Antipreneur Show.

On Email Marketing

  • Email marketing is like a talk show. You talk about one thing and then go to commercial, except with email you ask them to buy something.
  • Before you send an email out, ask yourself: is this going to warrant interrupting someone’s day, is it going to be worth their time?
  • The key is to always respect people’s time.
  • Do your market research. Learn your customers pains, desires, and insecurities.
  • You have to care about someone in order to connect with them
  • Sell to people you do like; sell to people who you understand their pain
  • Ask them questions, and get them to talk about the problem – then sell them the solution.
  • If you have an objection or flaw in your product, admitting is an extremely powerful thing to do. Then explain why they should buy anyway.


On Price Objections

  • If you expect price objections, address it at the beginning of the conversation
  • People who refund always had the intention to refund from the start so don’t appeal to them, repel them.
  • Repulsion Marketing – repulse the people you don’t want
  • When you tell a customer that the price will be expensive, they will probably expect a higher price than you give them
  • People don’t buy on price. They buy on comfort, quality and convenience.


Sample Scripts:

“Yeah my prices are high. I’m thinking of raising them because my clients are making so

much money.”

“I want you to know right before we go anywhere, this is expensive. It can be very expensive. I have to diagnose what the problem is first, but expect this to be expensive. If you’re a price shopper, this isn’t going to work for you. I can’t help you. Our market is value shoppers. There’s a lot more conventional services you can use, and I’m happy to tell you about them, but ours is special.”


Take care of your clients, tell them stories to engage them, and bring in the objections.


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