About Me

Does this sound familiar?

You get your business off the ground, it is growing, and it’s making a profit. But then you see your business plateau, the growth appears to slow down.

The excitement you once had for your business is slowly disappearing. You wake up one morning, and for the first time as an entrepreneur, you see the excitement just isn’t there.

Let’s be honest…

You are feeling overwhelmed with all the demands of your work?

What seemed to be fun and enjoyable has lost its excitement.

Do you worry that you made a mistake in starting your own business?

I know how you feel.

I have been an independent contractor and business owner for 15 years. I have gone through the ups and downs of the running a business. I have experienced the “Rush” of being on my own and also the loneliness of it too.

I have witnessed the fun and enjoyment of being the CEO and I have witnessed the depression when the business wasn’t growing. I even questioned a few times if I was in the right business.

I had been in business a few years, things had been going great, but I woke up one day and everything in my business seemed to be spiraling out of control. My business wasn’t growing as it had been, daily activities were becoming overwhelming.

At the lowest moment of my career, I attended a conference about business and sales. The speaker was a motivational business coach and sales trainer Eric Lofholm.

Most of the time, I was not paying attention to what Eric was saying. I was wallowing in my own problems. Feeling sorry for myself and wondering if this “running your own business thing” was even worth it.

Yes, it was a pretty sorrowful pity party I was in. And yes my self-worth hitting a low.

Then, Eric said something.

Obviously it was to a room full of people, but at the time it happened I thought he was talking directly to me. These are the words he said that started to change things around for me.

There is greatness within you.

Those were the words. Now truth be told, the first time he said those words, I felt like I could pop my head of the self-pity waters I was swimming in.

He said it again.

There is greatness within you.

Only this time I was certain he was looking right at me.

This time he had my full attention. It felt awkward. Some guy telling me that I had greatness inside me.

He doesn’t even know who I am. How can he say that?

Then he said it again, and this time there was no denying it. He was definitely talking to me.

There is greatness within you, Scott.

I just about jumped out of my seat when he said my name. (I realized later that I was wearing a name tag with my name scrawled in big black letters, that is how he knew my name, Duh.)

But in that moment something inside of me woke up.

I could see it in his eyes he actually believed what he was saying. He was able to see something inside of me that I didn’t even know was there.

After that experience, and through the rest of the conference, I paid close attention to what Eric taught about sales and business.

I went home that night and restructured my whole business model. Slowly with the systems I was taught my business, and most importantly myself, began to transform (for the better might I add.)

Over the years, I have learned more from Eric and the sales systems he teaches. I have also had other coaches that have helped me achieve more in my business and in life.

Now, my goal is to inspire, motivate and equip you for business and sales success.

Running a business can be rewarding, exciting, and a dream.

Running a business can be demanding, depressing and a nightmare.

It can be an uphill battle and a downhill rollercoaster, but it is the journey that drives you.

You want your business to grow and reach its goals it’s time to make that happen.

I’m Scott Lowry and this is The Sales Champion (Podcast)

Where I interview people working in the trenches of business and sales. People like myself, who are making a difference, creating an impact, and exploding their sales results.

So sit back and prepare yourself to be motivated, encouraged and learn the tools to become a sales champion.