A lifetime of travel, appreciation, & helping others – with Suzi Nelsen

Sales Champion with Scott Lowry & Eric Lofholm by Scott Lowry A lifetime of travel, appreciation, & helping others - with Suzi Nelsen
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Suzi Nelsen is the Founder of Countries and Crossroads, a recognized premiere provider of incentivized travel packages. Suzi has spent more than three decades of expertise in the travel industry, having always been compassionate towards people desiring to create beautiful memories through travel.

Suzi arranges, coordinates and escorts groups of all sizes to numerous national and international destinations, and provides her clients with customized, cost effective and quality travel solutions to meet their needs with no hidden costs.


Lessons Learned from a Lifetime of Travel

Life doesn’t rewind, so live now.

Appreciate everything. Appreciate the people you meet. Sit down. Take your eyes off yourself, and listen to what somebody else is saying to you because everyone has an amazing story.


On Sharing Your Message

Take your eyes off yourself and help somebody.

This is your time. People need you. Whatever your message is, discover the power within you and go do it.

Instead of being a victim, be the victor.

Life is on a set of stairs. You climb a little and then there are plateaus. The plateaus are the learning phases that carry us to the next steps.


Episode Links

Website: countriesandcrossroads.com

Email: suzi@countriesandcrossroads.com


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