7 Steps To Become A Sales Champion

1. Mindset

If you want to become a Sales Champion, then mindset is where we need to start. You see, all the sales training in the world won’t help if your mindset is off.

Do you wake up in the morning excited or do you just want to stay in bed?

Do you ever tell yourself…

“I’m not good enough”

“I’m not good at sales”  

“I hate the phone”

These beliefs mess up your mindset, which affect you for the rest of the day. Change the beliefs. Change your mindset. Boost your sales.

2. Goals

What goals have you set for yourself? Are they goals that are easy to reach? Are they the types of goals that don’t stretch you out of your comfort zone?

Set your goals that seem like they may be slightly out of reach and challenge yourself to reach those goals. Review them every day. Tell someone about your goals and ask them to help you stay accountable to your goals.

3. Lead Generating System

Do you have a system that helps you generate leads? If you don’t have a lead generating system then set one up. If you have a lead generating system, are you using it to its fullest potential?

Ask people you work with how they are generating leads. Look at other fields outside your industry. How are they generating leads?

4. Trust and Rapport

This is where the rubber meets the road. People will do business with those they know, like and trust.

What are some ways that you are generating trust and rapport with your clients?

A quick tip of building trust and rapport: Be present. Yeah, that’s it. Just be present with your client. Give them your undivided attention. Just by listening to them talk to you about what issues they might be having at work, could actually clue you in on how your product or service could solve their problem.

They have their problem fixed and you are the hero.

Try this… In your next sales presentation, cut out distractions, make eye contact with the person you’re talking to, and be present.

5. Objection Handling

Here ya go. Write down every objection a client or prospect has given you. Then, ask other people in your sales group what objections clients have given them. See if they have had some that you have not come across.

Compare notes.

Ask people in your sales group how they handled a particular objection. The more ways you know how to handle objections, the more confident you become at your sales presentations.

6. Follow-up

Ok here is a staggering statistic. It takes 5 follow-ups to Close over 80% of B2B sales.

The average sales rep will do 2 follow-ups. 80% of sales reps time is spent of Non-Revenue Generating Activities.

So, what if you just made a few more follow-up sales calls? What would that do to your sales commissions? Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up

7. Close

Who is the best closer in your sales group, or team?

If you’re not very strong with closing deals, then find someone who is and ask them:

What are some techniques to becoming a better closer?

If they don’t want to help you, find someone else to ask. If they don’t want to help you, find someone else. In other words; keep asking, keep learning until you feel confident and more comfortable with closing.

Those are my 7 steps to becoming a Sales Champion. Now, go use them and keep listening to the Sales Champion Podcast for more steps, ideas and techniques.